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In short, Digital Innovation could be explained as the use of Digital Technology and applications to improve existing or new business functioning and management efficiency, enhance customer experience, and launch new products or business models. In other words, Digital Innovations could be explained as adopting new/ improved IT based solutions to plan, manage and grow the business properly
By now, the Start Up India initiative has taken a full swing in the country to develop and nurture an ecosystem for ensuring the growth of innovations and entrepreneurship in the country. Driven by a 19-point Action Plan, ranging from “simplification and handholding’, “Funding Supports and Incentives” and “Industry- academia partnership and incubation”, the initiative aspires to establish a conducive environment for growth and development of Startups in India.

Harnessing technologies such as AI, machine learning, data analytics and block chain can bring more innovative solutions across the sectors and facilitate the better functioning of market through new, innovative ideas. The young minds of India can bring a revolution through their engagement in innovating suitable technology based solutions.

Other than the sophisticated business solutions to be innovated and promoted, the Startups also can leverage the updated technologies to strengthen their business. Starting from initiation of business, the Startups need to stay tuned to the emerging trends and utilise the power of technology at all levels of their business, starting from registration, compliances, Marketing & Promotion and sells. There is a requirement for a complete facelift in the business arena, more specifically in rural and semi- urban areas of India to demystify and promote the technology based solutions for Startups in India and across the globe.
MarkzIn is a Startup from India that relies on the potential of the technology- based solutions and reaches out to the nooks and crannies of India to support the small and medium business community with the technology based solutions. For further information on the customised technology- solutions to boost up and manage your business. Starting from establishing your brand identity till marketing of your products/ services through Digital Marketing, we can provide most cost effective and impactful solution for you.

MarkzIn helps the clients and collaborators to assess the current situation and plan and implement most effective digital and IT based solutions for managing your business.
Yes, MarkzIn relies on the innovations and power of Digital Technology that enables us to work beyond any boundary. We already have our valued partners across the globe and we always give emphasis on recommending solutions as per the specific rules and practices in the concerned countries. We are knowledgeable and experienced in providing Digital solutions in compliance to the rules and protocols related to it.
Absolutely yes! We are always happy to explain it to you for your better understanding on the aspects around Digital Marketing, Lead generation, ERM etc.
Yes, we follow a stringent policy to ensure that the data shared by our clients remain safe and protected.

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