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The scope of Digital marketing: An Analysis of Business Ecosystem in India

According to NASSCOM, total numbers of 1300 start ups were added in 2019 alone and the numbers are growing even more in 2020, securing India as the 3rd largest start up ecosystem in the world.

On the other hand total number of small and medium scale industries in rural and urban area are 58,08,359 and 47,38,586 respectively (Source-DCMSME).

In traditional marketing, the biggest problems that any new start up owner or small and medium scale business owner face today at the very start of their business are

Common problems of digital-marketing listed in below

Inadequate finance- For newcomer in the business world, perhaps the most common issue they face is the financial burden. Even though, they might have the finest strategy and business model, they can’t compete with big MNC or large corporation in traditional way of marketing.
Incompetent management of human resource
Communication gap between customer and service provider
No clue about advertisement and promotional campaign strategy for building their brand.

Though the goal of traditional and Digital marketing is same, but the path reaching the goal differs a lot. Digital marketing is that aspect of marketing which is actually measurable and scalable.

After the breakout of Internet it can be safely said that digital marketing is the way forward today

Digital marketing helps you to grow your business, expand your brand and takes your business to a colossal level of success.

Let us enlighten you with some no brainer statistics, why you should grow your business digitally today-

Almost 45% of the total population of the world use social media today, spending an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes per day on social media platform.
66% of digital marketers use social media as a business platform for more than 7 hours and 39% for more than 10 hours in a week.
According to Kevin O’Kane, managing director for Google Marketing Solutions of Google Asia Pacific, “Every business needs to be online and digital”
According to Business World. “To keep growing, SMBs [small and medium businesses] need to meet consumers where they spend an increasing amount of their time, online. Online, your ‘local’ market is as big as you want it to be.”

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Imagine what you are missing out today, if you are not growing digitally.

Here is some more facts for you-
According to Every Channel companies that strategise a solid digital marketing strategy have a 2.8x higher revenue growth expectancy
Those companies who focuses on digital marketing has 3.3 times better chances of expanding their workforce.

The Internet has reached almost every corner of the globe. Now the ball is in your court, how you can utilise and take full advantage of Internet by growing your business digitally.

How team Markzin can help you to achieve your goal?
Markzin’s proficient and authoritative expertise can help you understand the exact landscape of this industry.

We always focus on customer’s pain points first, identify and solve them in the process- that’s the plan of action and that should be.

We provide profuse blueprints on various aspects of digital marketing, which certainly help to grow your brand and business.

We provide complete solutions to your Digital Marketing requirements

When we talk about providing the digital marketing service, we always try to bring something new on the table.

verything we do at Markzin is data driven and relied on analytics.  Our marketing strategy is based on years of experimentation, iteration and agile marketing.

The type of service we offer

Growing your business digitally from scratch to scale
Creating a marketing funnel that sells
Setting out the campaign strategy that actually works
Increase traffic in your website
Lead generation
Social media marketing
Search engine optimisation
Email marketing
Mobile app marketing
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