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Ranjana Das

Advisor- Research & Financial Inclusion
Ranjana Das has been working on sustainability and business and human rights for few years now. She has done extensive work in tea and sugar supply chain across states of India. Presently she is focusing more on corporate responsibility in the tea supply chain. She has a growing interest in responsible business and is closely following India's current movement on National Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct (NGRBC). She is also undertaking a Certificate Course on "ESG Impact Leadership" by Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs and building her understanding on decoding Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects of businesses. She is associated with the Indian development sector for two decades and right now trying to bring the grassroot experience in the business responsibility sector. Her core areas of interest have been gender and livelihoods and she enjoys designing trainings and conducting them for a variety of stakeholders from social to corporate. She holds a Master's in Economics from a University of Calcutta and Masters in Development Studies from Institute of Social Studies Netherlands. She has remained a Humphrey Hubert Fulbright Fellow with Cornell university.
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Chittaranjan Chattopadhyay

Advisor- Policy Advocacy & Networking
CMA Chittaranjan Chattopadhyay is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India, a Certificated Associate member of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance, an Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (London). He is a practicing Cost and Management Accountant with an experience of 38 years in Banking industry. At present he is Central Council Member and Chairman of Banking Financial Services and Insurance Board of the Institute, Indirect Taxation Committee and also Chairman, Cooperative Development Board, Chairman MSME and Start Ups Promotion Board of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India. With his long experience of working with people around MSMEs, Mr. Chattopadhyay believes that change is possible, provided effective strategies are adopted. With his existing and ver- growing networks with government bodies, business and MSME consortiums, he’ll make inroads for NRMS to get the required attention and promotion
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Ranjini Sen

Young and adventurous development professional with demonstrated thematic interest in environment, sustainable nature-based livelihoods and women’s institutions. Ranjini has been working on various aspects of MSME sustainability across states and UTs of India. Ranjini is very eager to contribute to NRMS through networking and collaboration with different stakeholders of MSME ecosystem in India.
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Moitrayee Mondal

Moitrayee is a Social Development professional with over 18 years of experience in planning and implementing projects with focus on Women Empowerment and Financial Inclusion of Women, youth and other excluded groups on community. Moitrayee has expertise on social development issues and have demonstrated experiences in program planning and implementation, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation. Moitrayee will help in directing all activities towards ensuring Financial Inclusion of marginalised and excluded sections from all subsets of society.
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Poulomi Kundu

Advisor- Communications
Poulomi is a journalist and communications expert. She has experience of working on some very effective Behaviors Change Communication (BCC) initiatives across states of India. She’ll bring her long experience of working on social and development communications.
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Suprio Chatterjee

Founder & Partner, Markzin Business Services
Suprio is a Marketing and Communications Expert with more than 22 years of experience in planning and managing various local, national and international initiatives around Youth Skill Development and social entrepreneurship. Suprio holds Master’s Degree (MA) in two subjects, Journalism & Mass Communications from University of Calcutta and in Political Science from Rabibdra Bharati University. Suprio is also an MBA with specialisation in Marketing. He has strong and diversified knowledge across the fields of Market Research, Business Planning & Promotion and introducing technology based solutions for community development. Through his long years of experience of working as a Social Development Professional, Suprio amassed a wide range of experience and expertise of planning and working at core community level to influence the socio- economic development of the same.
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Suman Sarkar

Lead- Operations
Suman leads the operational aspect of Markzin. Suman brings in his strong experience of managing the implementation of business and ensuring the effective coordination between the planning, execution and quality completion of the project. In addition to leading the Operational part of Markzin, Suman provides direct support to the Creative and Designing aspects of all IT and Digital Marketing works.
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Rajarshi Singha

Lead- Technology
Rajarshi is young at age but has vast experience of working across almost all the realms of Information- Communication & Technology solutions in contemporary times. Being a Graduate of Engineering in Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), Rajarshi instils the power of innovation into activities of Markzin and monitors the quality of IT projects.
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Rahul Mondal

Lead- Digital Promotion
Rahul is at the final year of his Engineering (B. Tech) in Computer Science & Engineering (UEM, Kolkata) and has been working with Markzin for the past two years. In addition to his strong inclination towards Software Development, Rahul has passion for working on Graphics Design as well as UI/UX Designing, Frontend Development, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.
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Soubhik Sarkhel

Lead - ios & Full Stack Developer
Soubhik is a promising iOS developer and Full Stack Developer with the capacity to plan, implement innovative IT projects.
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Subhodeep Sarkar

Lead- Android Developer
A graduate in Computer Science and a very industrious and energetic professional, Subhodeep leads the activities around development of Android App
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Suman Roy

Lead- Frontend Developer
Suman is at his Pre Final year of graduation in Computer Science. Suman leads the works related to Frontend Development of any Web solution.
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Anindya Dey

Advisor- Finance
An out and out Finance and Accounts professional with an experience of managing corporate accounts for over two decades, Anindya provides overall guidance in terms finance planning, management and finance & legal compliances.