Spread the #ColourofResilience

Spread the #ColourofResilience

May this festival of colors and celebration of the spirit of unity bring the power of resilience to withstand the shocks and damages posed by the external world. All arrangements are already made to smudge the colours of unhappiness, deprivation through the splashes of joy of hope and resilience.

  • Data indicates that nearly 36 million Indians aged 18- 29 were unemployed in 2021, while many others have settled for less paying jobs.
  • Education system all over the world has witnessed a massive shock, that resulted into discontinuation of education of children and for many of them, the pandemic has caused the drop out.
  • ILO report mentions that in framing emergency policies, the specific needs of particular groups, such as young people or sub-groups of young people, have at times “fallen through the cracks”. But, this is the time to ‘Bounce Back’ to our original position and build the power of resilience to all the adversities that we have been passing through.

Well, all the above data are authentic and reliable, but still doesn’t reflect the other side of the spectrum.

You don’t need to be a market analyst or a strategist to feel the rapid changes that have happened at all subsets of life and business during the last two years or so. Interestingly, it’s not all disappointing.

  • COVID 19 has created huge scope for a paradigm shift in youth employability and employment. A lot of work related conferences have moved online. The habit of using online order and delivery has already seen significant boost during lockdown and has intruded into the daily life of people. Small businesses have already started transforming themselves into digitised functioning.
  • Increase in e- commerce and door step delivery system has created huge scope for youth employment. In recent past, food delivery services emerged as key employers in the urban and peri- urban areas. Having a motorbike/ bicycle and a smartphone with active internet are the necessary conditions for the job. Anybody can see a large number of youth getting employment in these new types of jobs around e- commerce delivery system. These new jobs are mostly catering to the employment need of the youth from the middle or lower strata of the economy, for whom these types of jobs were not even available earlier. Digital Innovations have opened up a new world of opportunities.
  • Digital innovations have actually acted as a ‘Silent equaliser’ of all adversities across the socio- economic and geographical differences. Today, the access to information and opportunities have become more widespread. Today, more than 61% of people in India have access to digital platforms.
  • Digital technologies have demolished all the divides across rural- urban and socio- economic boundaries. Today, the span of the market is not limited to a small geographical area. This actually stands for the expansion of market, for both the skills and the product.

Thus, the best possible solutions are already there in place, we need to acknowledge and adopt it. Going digital is the best possible option for attaining Resilience and the colours of resilience only can bring tangible change in the situation. It’s the Technology Innovations that can ensure the resilience of the world today. Let us all join together to spread the #colourofresilience in all spheres of life.

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