How IOT is Influencing Microfinance Sector

Internet of Things is IOT. It is the network of interrelated computing devices. It might be mechanical, it might be digital machines objects with embraced with electronic software, sensors and connectivity which enable these objects to connect to transfer data over a network. This is IOT. IOT refers the way device this connected with one […]
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Mainstreaming budding entrepreneurs into the world of business… Participation of private actors in Startup ecosystem in India can bring real changes

India’s employment data for May 2022 indicates comparatively more stability at the macro level. At the same time, the data shows a positive movement of labour at the sectoral level. Recent study by CMIE reveals that while 7.83 per cent of those who were seeking employment in April were left unemployed, only 7.12 per cent […]
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Agile Startup is the key to ensure economic resilience in India

We all are geared up towards rejuvenating our financial health on individual as well at macro-economic levels at the onset of FY 2022-23. Economic predictions have already pointed towards some very positive trends such as a very promising GDP growth rate projected at 8.5%. Several other very optimistic predictions are flying around in air to […]
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Don’t let yourself remain invisible to your customers

It’s not that old paradigm to segregate the ‘Market’ for your business based on locational or geographical indicators. The first dividing factor was to segment the ‘Market’ into rural- urban- hard to reach etc. In today’s world, locational or geographical positioning has lost their prominence while doing the market segmentation, it’s the type of the […]
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Are you compromising on Business Profit by not collaborating with STARTUPs?

Revolutionizing Business & Commerce through participation of Startups is nothing new but seldom underutilized weapon for economic development. Boosting the Startup ecosystem through various protective measures have already shown their impact in terms of overall development of countries like Germany, USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore and yes, in India. Today, Startup ecosystem in India has […]
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